Today there was a new release of PHP - version 5.6.0 is out! And it contains some very interesting changes I think!

variadic functions

Don’t you just hate to use the mysterious function func_get_args in PHP? These times are over now (or whenever PHP 5.6 is hardened and ready to use in production …) and PHP now has complete variadic functions:

function foo($bar, ...$baz) {
	// $baz is an array of parameters given

foo(1, 2, 3, 4);
// $bar = 1, $baz = [2, 3, 4]

exponentiation operator

Finally! I have been waiting long for this and now you can do this in PHP:

2 ** 3 == 8;

It’s only a new operator, but I like it and I think it follows the principle of least surprise, because that’s what I searched for when using exponentiation for the first time in PHP.


PHP 5.6 moves closer to other script languages by adding features that have existed a very long time in e.g. Ruby or Python. Of course there are many more changes, check out the changelog if you’re interested.