Today I am going to write a little about a book I read recently. To be honest, it has been some time since I did but I prefer to wait some time before judging too early about books in general.

The thing I am talking about is One Year with Symfony (- Writing healthy, reusable Symfony2 code). As it is the case with every Leanpub book, this one comes in three formats: PDF, MOBI and EPUB.

Those of you who know me a little better will know that I take my Kindle nearly everywhere ;-)

Anyway the more important part is it’s content. The book is meant to be read after you finished The Book so that you already know all the basics and how to apply them correctly.

Matthias Noback added a good portion of Symfony2 best practices that you will definitely need when you start building big business applications in Symfony2. He starts from the Kernel up to how to use the DI container properly to generic ideas for application architecture and how to write reusable code in SF2.

When you finish this book, you will have no problem to understand and write good Symfony2 applications and bundles. I think this book should be read by every Symfony2 developer or anyone who wants to get there!

I must admit that after writing this post and re-reading it, this may sound a little too positive to be true. I think I have to make clear that I don’t get any money or so for this.

It’s just that good that I think it deserves a blog post!