my name is Dominik Liebler and I live in central Germany. I love programming, guitars, photography and pasta.

I started programming when I was a kid, a long time ago. In 2006 I started a career in software development and have since gained experience in various languages including PHP, Ruby, Python, C, JavaScript, Elixir, Kotlin and Java and love to experiment with new languages and systems.

Since I like the idea of Open Source software, I have contributed patches and bug reports to many different projects including Doctrine2, PHP_CodeSniffer and Active MQ Apollo among others. I am also author of some PHP, Ruby, Elixir and Go libraries that you can find on Github including DesignPatternsPHP, highscore, statsd-php and consistent-hashing and ifttt-webhook.

I am currently working at FLYERALARM as a lead software engineer.

My blog is all about software development and trending technologies. If you like my posts feel free to share! You can contact me on Twitter or follow me on Github.