As a software developer I am always searching for the best tool chain that helps me to write code more efficiently and faster. I am always testing new tools, discarding those that don't give me what I need to be productive.

And a big role in my day-to-day work plays the most basic tool, a text editor (who would've thought that?). While on the console there's vim, a graphical user interface on my developing machine makes sense, too.

For a long time (about 3 years), I was an excited user of TextMate and I still love this editor. But at the same time, I had to use gedit on my Thinkpad at work. As you can guess, this wasn't a very satisfying challenge to use two very different editors of which only TextMate had nearly all of the features I would want on a text editor.

When a colleage mentioned Sublime Text 2, I was all ears and soon buyed a license for myself. And I haven't regretted it.

I have to say I use it for small scripts, writing blog articles in markdown and stuff like that but that's what this editor is really good in!

Killer feature: line selections

Sublime Text 2 has all the neat little features you know from TextMate or others (writing text, of course) but there is one outstanding feature that I like most: you can write in more than one line at a time. you can do this by selecting multiple lines of code and then press CTRL+Shift+L and then you can do anything you would with a single cursor, but now you write in all previously selected lines.

Of course you can leave this mode by pressing ESC.

For more information, just look at the demonstration video on

Happy coding!