Owning Android devices since about 1 1/2 years now, I have to admit I love that platform a lot more than iOS. Mostly because getting into programming for these is a lot easier than with Apple's OS. All you need is a computer running OSX, Linux or Windows and (though it is optional) a mobile device or tablet running Android. No need for expensive certificates or such. Programming is done using the Java programming language and an IDE that uses Eclipses as the base.

Times have changed

But that is about to change. IntelliJ is becoming more and more popular amongst Java developers and so Google decided to switch to that platform. The current version of Android Studio is v0.2.x, which means it's not yet stable but worth a look nevertheless.

I have to admit I had some troubles running my current project (an English vocubulary trainer) on my Macbook. I always test on my hardware device (LG Nexus 4) but the Studio didn't recognize it as a debuggable device, so I was forced to use the simulator.


All in all the new platform looks promising and I already love doing PHP development with PhpStorm and used RubyMine for a lot of Ruby development.
I am looking forward to test it soon again when it's more stable and ready to use!