my name is Dominik and I live in central Germany. I am currently years old and love programming, photography and Scotch whisky.

I have over years of experience programming in various languages including PHP, Ruby, C, JavaScript, Elixir and Java and love to experiment with new languages and systems. I like Open Source and have contributed patches and bug reports to many different projects including Doctrine2, PHP_CodeSniffer and Active MQ Apollo. I am also author of some Ruby, PHP and Erlang libraries that you can find on Github including highscore, DesignPatternsPHP and statsd-php.

I am currently working with flyeralarm with experience of more than years in professional software development. I also like playing the guitar (check out my band Afraid Of Carpets), soldering guitar effects pedals and photography.</p>

My blog is all about software development and trending technologies and sometimes just rants ;-) But I will try to keep them at a minimum. If you like my posts or have ideas for new posts, don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact me here: